Web Site Design

We at World View Automation are dedicated to providing high quality home pages for both individual and commercial applications. Graphics, sound and video are available for visual impact and interest. All pages are custom designed to enhance the dissemination of your information, products, services, hobbies, etc. for an audience that is, quite literally, worldwide. Several keywords, your choice, will be incorporated into your site for capture in searches by potential customers or those with common interests.

We can help in the design of your site to provide an organized, visually pleasing site. The choices are numerous, something for everyone. Multiple page site, single page sites, all with graphic images/art. Support packages are also available. We develop our sites with one cardinal rule:

The design should enhance and not detract from the information that we are trying to provide.

Several key concepts will be employed in the design of your site. These include simplicity of the site design, visual balance between text and graphics, document flow, design harmony within a multiple page site, plain and obvious navigation techniques, and site consistency and predictability. When we adhere to these concepts, the result is a visually pleasant site that effectively disseminates your information. After all, isn't that why you are interested in establishing a presence on the Web.

Several custom Web site enhancements are available for modest fees:
Custom forms are available if you want to implement an easy way to get customer feedback or to implement a goods ordering system.
Customer databases can be included with search resources.
Digital Photography for inclusion on your pages.
Digital Scanning of photographs/graphics art for inclusion on you pages.
Custom Graphics designed to your specifications (or leave it up to us)
Animated text and graphics.
Inclusion of audio and/or video multimedia.
Submission of your site to WWW several search engines.
Periodic support packages.
Contact us for options not listed here.

When our contract with you is finalized, your web site is typically available within 7-10 working days. Upon completion, any spelling, grammar, or layout errors will be remedied at no additional cost to you. However, layout redesign, graphics modifications, or information changes made will incur an additional charge.